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Golovkin vs Jacobs Live who will win at MSG in NY, start time, GGG vs Jacobs, watch Golovkin vs Jacobs live stream, ppv, boxing, free Online, Jacobs Golovkin fight. Tom Loeffler is an optimist. He’s a cup half-full, eggs sunny-side-up kind of a guy. It’s how he’s survived 26 years in the most sleazy, cutthroat business in sports with scores of friends and acquaintances and no known enemies.

Golovkin vs Jacobs Live

Start Time: 8:30pm Eastern Time|7:30pm Pacific Time
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: ➡ Watch Golovkin vs Jacobs Live Stream Free Here

He promotes IBF-WBA-WBC middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, who is hours away from the biggest fight of his career. Golovkin will meet Daniel Jacobs, also a WBA middleweight champion thanks to the audacity and outright greed of the sanctioning body, on Saturday in front of what is expected to be a sell-out crowd at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Life couldn’t be much better for Loeffler. Golovkin is 36-0 with 33 knockouts and better than a 6-1 favorite to defeat Jacobs. He’s landed a slew of big deals for the burgeoning superstar from Kazakhstan, who only a few years ago couldn’t speak English.

The ring mat looks like a NASCAR driver’s uniform. Golovkin was recently named brand ambassador for Hublot, the high-end watch company, and it has a giant logo in the center of the ring. Chivas, Tecate, the eighth installment in the “Fast & Furious” movie series, Madison Square Garden, Tsesnabank, Expo 2017 and Capital Holdings are also sponsoring Golovkin and have signage on the ring mat.

Golovkin will also wear a patch on his trunks for Bijan, a high-end retailer located on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood.

A crowd of around 20,000 is expected, and if it’s not a sell-out, it will be very close. Golovkin sold out his first appearance in The Garden in 2015, when he defeated David Lemiuex after getting a visit from then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in his locker room before the bout.

“You hear so many fighters talk about how important it is to just fight in The Garden, and you hear them call it ‘The Mecca’ and this and that, but Gennady has a chance to sell the place out twice,” Loeffler said, the wonderment evident in his voice. “How many guys can say they did that?”

It’s a fantastic match that figures to provide great action. Combined, the fighters are 68-1 with 62 knockouts. Golovkin knows it could be bombs away when the bell rings.

“Somebody’s getting knocked out,” he said. When a reporter chuckled, Golovkin emphasized, “No, really. Someone is getting knocked out.”

A win would be a major step toward the super match against Canelo Alvarez that fans and media have wanted for at least 18 months.

With all that is riding on the event, though, neither Loeffler nor Golovkin act as if they have a care in the world.

Business-wise, they got about the worst possible date they could. After Golovkin defeated Kell Brook in September, the goal was to face Jacobs on HBO in either the last week of November or in December.

A deal wasn’t reached with Jacobs’ team in time to put the show on in December, and so the fight got pushed to Saturday. Worse, as HBO Sports so regularly does these days, it was taken off the network and pushed onto pay-per-view.

Now, they’re asking $64.95 for the privilege of watching the fight, which comes on the third day and first weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which, of course, fans can watch for free.

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